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Puyehue National Park

The park is abundant in natural beauty, is characterized by its spectacular native forest, Andean rivers and lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, ski center, volcanoes, and a wonderful, untamed evergreen wilderness. The fauna is comprised of:  pumas, Chilla fox, Quique (similar to a skunk), coypu (river rat), guiñas (wild cats), viscachas (rodent related to chincilla), etc. Birds include: Andean condor, choroi (green parrot with red tail), chucao, chercan (house wren), bandurria, traro (bird of prey), huala, etc.

Trekking, canopy, photography, hiking, viewing flora and fauna, ornithology, Antillanca ski center at Volcano Casablanca, are among the many activities offered.

The park covers an area of 106,772 hectares, and has over 230 species of plants

Lake Puyehue

The lake measures about 120 square kilometers, offers ample opportunities for you and your family to enjoy fishing and water sports.

Lake Rupanco

Volconoes Osorno and Putiagudo are reflected in the waters of Lake Rupanco. This glacial lake covers 180 square kilometers, with a length of 45 kilometers at its widest point, and a width of approximately 11 kilometers. Water skiing, fishing and rowing are among the many water sports enjoyed at this lake.

Additional Lakes

There is also direct access to Lake Todos los Santos (All Saints Lake) and Lake Llanquihue.


Thermal Pools and Hot Springs


Lake Puyehue

Puyehue National Park